Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Pronoun ‘Me’

Today your spirit was so fluid
had it been a river
you’d have sluiced with it into a sea
that would have conjugated

yet another sea and then another
sea to give you an unprecedented,
if much less distinct, impression
of the pronoun ‘me.’


God's Eye

I'm a stye
in God's eye.

Woman, Man

of too many planes
& lines & angles -
chaos till you
see it as a plan.
Woman, man.

Current State of You

Rumpled inexactitudes --
crumpled points-of-view:
Welcome to the current
state of you.


Here We All Are Anyway

Roots go deep,
they say,
and tangle into
strangling disarray
But here we all
are anyway.


In Blood

Her words
all flood.
She writes
in blood.

Works of Art

Works of Art contrive to feed.
Few succeed.
But just today two bits of it
began to breathe! And breed.