Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gladnesses and Pleasantnesses

Gladnesses and pleasantnesses –
plural happy abstract nouns
dressed up like bursts of sunrise
in their gold-flecked azure gowns --

defend against tense brows and frowns
the way your mommy did when you
could tell she needed you to love
the birthday party she had baked

and made for you when you were seven.
Thank heaven for it all – that call for
sentimental happiness, its sappiness
of gladnesses and pleasantnesses –

bred from yearnings, improprieties
and messes of the darkened heart’s
immersion in the night. Tell that heart
there’s brightness -- there is light.


The Charm of Being

It may look like you are waiting
when you feel the charm of being
but you aren’t waiting – you are seeing

the elating circumstances of the soul
without the least experience of knowing
what they look like. This does not

bewilder you at all. It keeps you very
still. You think you might just stay
this way forever. One day you will.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Forth and Out

How do we interrupt
this course of doubt
to bring each other
forth and out?


Monday, October 27, 2014

College Philosophy Course

Discerning the relation
of the asker to the asked
is a task to which we thought

we’d put whatever aptitudes
of concentration, curiosity,
and mind we could divine

we had. But just
as soon as we decided
to pursue this line

of inquiry, someone got mad
and everybody else just left.
No one was bereft.