Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Right Hemisphere Day!

Come sit around the campfire of the heart,
my darlings, and attend to every of its wending
rivulets of wisp you can. Listen to the glisten

and exorbitance of every single of the countless
fender-benders of the mind: the crack-ups
that indifferently engender thought: the grinding

unremarkable detritus that amasses into bright
epiphany: the odd embarcadero of your grand
commanding brain’s bateaux: half gondola,

half submarine, all manned by gigolos with
their fraught Latin eyes assessing your seduce-
ability: come there with me: transmute the mute:

provide a random impetus with some slick
aperture to slip through to the prize: regard
the whole expanding enterprise as yours to steer,

defend against, or size up and appraise: ride
the waves. Be the tea, the teacup, and the tea-
pot’s spout. Let me know how you come out.


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