Friday, October 12, 2012

But Maybe That’s Exactly What We Did


You try to tack a story onto everyone
you see – but human impulse
doesn’t lend itself so easily
to the declarative. Everybody’s reaching

in a fog. Resorting to the susurrating
narratives of blog. Sentimental
takes abort. Not every baby’s cute.
Relationship’s a doomed pursuit

if by relationship you mean an answer.
Everyone’s a fancy dancer,
hungry for acclaim, strangely eager
to take blame. No one is aware

of having asked to be alive.
But maybe that’s exactly what we did.
On some somatic pre-Socratic level
of the devil in the dive into

the center of a heart, perhaps
we planned each nuance of the theory
and application of the art – of being here.
Disingenuously we insist that all

will always be unclear: indissoluble nexus,
an impenetrable blot. But secretly,
insidiously – somewhere deep –
perhaps we know it’s not.


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