Thursday, June 2, 2016

Guy's Clothing Line (!) at VIDA.DESIGN

So, maybe only for novelty-viewing, or to provide for the possibility that some lovely lady friend of mine - or gentleman who's in the mood to wear a frock - may want to bedrape her/himself in my creatures, here's my (ahem) VIDA COLLECTION. They only do women's clothing, it turns out, so I can't offer the men's T I'd hoped to be able to offer. Since I have zero aptitude for fashion, this is all a sort of hilarious irony. What I CAN offer, in addition to these samples (including my bee) is to reproduce any of my images (as long as they don't feature exposed genitalia) onto any of the women's clothing VIDA has for sale. So have at the full panoply of my babies in my google garage - and any of them you'd like to see on your body, well, there's now a way to do that:
At the very least, it's all a hoot. (Actually they don't look half bad.)

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