Thursday, December 15, 2016

This Made Me Think of You

It is self-evidently claimed that the cranium contains
the brain and that the brain sustains capacities without
which nothing could be gained, retained, maintained
or ascertained, and which adduce to how we take in
and explain the sensory experience which is the grain

that makes the bread of consciousness. But what
a limited – nay, irresponsible! – description, counter
Fred and Ed, who’ve often said it utterly deforms
the understanding of the great pragmatic gracefully
aesthetic function that the head performs: bearing

eyes and nose and mouth and ears like courtesans
and peers in royal realms care for the priceless riches
of the queen and king. Fred says Ed, and Ed says Fred,
know just what wonders that a head can bring and frame
and highlight, offer up to the delight of an Elite’s

discerning sight. When Fred and Ed are dead, they
want their heads embalmed and set upon supporting
necks as statuary to be shown to a selected few. They’re
asking that we pass one of their lovely hats on Sundays
down each pew of every posh ecclesiastically elegant

historic edifice we know for the collection of the aid
which will enable undertaking this important undertaking
when the undertaker undertakes to take them at the end.
They want a special kind of sympathetic friend – the sort
who are the who the Who’s Who thinks of irrefutably as Who.

This made me think of you.


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