Monday, September 25, 2017

All Art Wanted

All Art wanted in this life was to obtain a little boat,
get away from all the din, make it cozy as a tub
within whose sweetly quiet confines he could float.

And so he did. We watched him and his boat begin
their random way across the bay’s reflective surface:  
the sides of his bateau all jeweled by the glitter of its

rippling sunlit sheen. What Art had not foreseen,
however, is that bays get bored and lonely and are
desperately keen for novelty: on the hunt for any

new companion they can find to tease and follow
and rock up and down and ultimately swallow.
Swallowing to bays is their equivalent of kissing.

Art seems to have gone missing. He’s not been found.
This bay may just have clowned around with him until
he drowned. You know bays. Bays have their ways.


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