Friday, April 19, 2019

Maternal Gravity

It was once believed that objects
fell because they longed to reunite
with Mother Earth. But then when
his bright telescope-amended eyes
began to re-write principles and give
mathematic birth to truth suggesting it
was otherwise, Galileo would provide
the proof in 1632 that Destiny decreed
he must devise, inspired by the brave
heretical Copernicus and making way
for Isaac Newton who, in 1687, in full
flower of his genius, as if he had
received its laws from God, conceived
his vast Principia, whose academic
suavity elaborately would with elegant
precision undermine and redefine
the inexplicabilities, the premises,
proclivities, as they’d been thought
to be, of gravity. That is, until
Einstein upended it with relativity.
But still, the old belief that objects
fall because they long to reunite with
Mother Earth supplies to us far better
reason for descent, in fact requites
the feverish desire for her love we hide
behind a show of calm surmise that
physics springs no less than we do from
maternal turf. A mother is why we arise,
and why we fall. She is the land, the air,
the surf, the flood, the draught, groaning
quake, lonely squall. Mother said she
was the only explanation for it all.

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