Saturday, August 3, 2019

We Think You Did

Are we the accidental
targets of incursion –
strains and emanations,
dull or lapidary, that not
only may have wrought
each vein and capillary
but have filled the brain
until it spills with fraught
extremes and reams
of untoward dreams
which, over time,
sufficiently experienced,
randomness will always
cause? Or are we products
of quite other laws? – less
mindless intervention
than the meretricious play
of someone’s en-passant
intention? Say, a lazy demon,
dabbling crafty fingers

in a pool of water, savoring
the crazy phantoms that
appear – that maybe shaped
this evening’s vision

of a slaughter, of which
you wish whatever power
put it there would rid you.
(You didn’t do it, did you?)

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