Monday, May 16, 2016

Another Cosmic Expectation

This morning Cosmos sneezed
a spout of quantum spasms out  –
left it so egregiously undone,
unmoored and unamassed –
that not a quark or lepton in it
knew its ankle from its ass.

Cosmos watched it splat into
a nano-corner of a nano-quadrant
of a negligible pocket in the outskirts
of a random quasar and sat back
to watch. Cosmos loved to see what
happened to this sort of splotch.

But oh! The splotch’s slivers quivered
instantly into a sweet harmonic spray
of unexpected colors, ordered
by availing stain-glassed borders
which teased up a range of pleasing
unexampled form! Which then began

to warm into the swift production
of two heads and faces – calm and blithe.
The writhe of it had managed to acquire
graces! Its balance was inscrutable,
immutable – a fact with tact. Another
cosmic expectation cracked.


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