Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Wisest Creature in the Room

Funny how you probably imagine
that the old guy with the beard must be
the wisest of the trio you see here.

Assessing psychic sizes of the heart
and mind by how we find they manifest
in flesh – in how its muscular appurtenances

press up tight beneath the skin – causing
something to appear we’re certain constitutes
an outward sign of clear igniting wisdom –

amounts perhaps instead to some far greater
quizdom we cannot discern so easily. So
somewhat queasily we dare to stare down

at the foreground at the rounded greenish
alien and entertain the possibility that it or he
or she may possibly amount to whom we ought

to query on the truest nature of reality. But
neither bearded man nor alien have much
conversance with that sort of thing. Let’s bring

the yellow fellow in – perhaps he has a clue?
Honestly, my friend, the wisest creature
in the room is none of them. It’s you.


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