Thursday, May 11, 2017

Leo Being Leo

Takes cheek to think
you’re chic.
It isn’t for the meek.

Shelf-life of the chic is bleak.
It’s likely what is chic
this week won’t be next week.

Particularly if too soon of it you speak.
That would be an undesirable leak:
deem it too passé for a critique.

It may extend beyond a week
if press about it is sufficiently oblique
to lend a savory mystique –

based perhaps on an arcane technique
of dying it unique to Mozambique.
Doublespeak may make a new boutique

display it through the next midweek.
Though sales will typically
be weak.

Leo though insists that his physique
is shown to best advantage in what he
calls his “bezique” take on the chic.

Bezique’s a French trick card game
which pits ploys of sneak and peek
against its players: puts them in a pique.

When fashionistas see him
they not-terribly-politely cough.
But Leo being Leo brings it off.


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