Saturday, January 26, 2019

La Solution à L’insomnie

À Edward Seymour
I once knew a fellow called Eddie
Who in order, for sleep, to be ready
Had to go to bed hugging his Teddy
But one day his mother said 'Ed?
I'm sorry but Teddy is dead.
His stuffing fell out of his head.’
Calamity struck for poor Edward.
He cried when he tried going bed-ward.
‘Sleep’ had become the most dread word.
Then he heard, en français, Édouard?’
It was his bear’s voice! From a star?
Well, he knew it had come from afar.
‘Ne t’inquiète pas, mon petit!
Je promesses je serai ton ami.
Pas seulement, Édouard, aujourd’hui –

Nous serons les amis pour l’éternité.
tant que tu continue à parler français.“
Aha, Edward got it. Français was the way
to - Teddy Bear? No. Il est l’ours Théodore!
Il dit ça à maman une fois et encore.
Maman sourit: elle répond 'd’accord!
Le français est la solution à l’insomnie.’
« J’adore Théodore! » dit-Édouard chaque nuit 
Est’ce qu’Édouard dort bien? Tellement oui!

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