Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Provenance of My Art Today

Hi, I’m something new.
I came right out the back of you.
I am an untried parvenu –
of obscure origins but clearly
destined to enjoy celebrity –
because my novelty
is so excessively regaling
to whoever happens to be sailing
by. They feel they would be failing
were they not to stop and stare
at me, and pass on all the blare
of me to friends of theirs who swear
with them that it is absolutely true:
I’m something new. I am askew
with the attention, but ado is due
me, they agree: more than right,
in fact, that I should get the light
I’m getting day and night.
Thankfully the medication
that you took for constipation
worked – allowed for the dilation
that relaxed the crack of you
somehow to find the knack in you
to push me out the back of you.

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