Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Large Magnificence Who Answers Questions

The latest mewling insignificance who’s come to ask
The Large Magnificence Who Answers Questions
for some guidance isn’t getting through to any view –
therefrom, therein, thereto – he’s traveled so far to pursue.

He’s long been sitting in the grand man’s lap while
the grand man takes what would appear to be an endlessly
concatenated nap. Sometimes, between the links of inhaled,
exhaled breath, he seems as if he might be on the brink,

at last, of exposition – of a  vast premonitory tale
which would anticipate whatever worrying conundrum
the interrogator’s brought. Such promise of commencement
soon, alas, is caught in the reprisal of the next wave

of his sleep. The latest mewling insignificance despairs
of ever hearing more of anything besides a snore.
He’d hoped he could go deep. But soon he’d have to creep
away and put his queries wearily back on the shelf.

He’d have to work them out himself. And so he did, and as
he did, or rather just a moment afterwards, the Large
Magnificence began to wake, and whisper: “Good!
Another question’s gone away. Another break.”


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