Friday, September 2, 2011

Thoughtful Eyes

Thoughtful eyes at rest arrest –
persuasively to testify to that
old saw that eyes comprise
the Universe examining itself.
When they are calm, a balm in us

seems possible and palpable:
smoothing, soothing: reassurance
easily bestowed, accepted as
the glow expected from so infinite
a unity. They never bore –

no tedium, unfeeling intervention:
such sight invites ascension:
interest thrives in a peculiar soft
intensity that won’t let up –
as if we might remain alive

forever and enjoy it. Subversive
sweetness toys with every blink:
the old view sinks, another rises –
and surprises: rearranges
and creates and woos: makes

a new you out of me,
a new me out of you.


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