Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Relation You Create to Dream the World

Arising from the depths –
ascending in the rhythms
of their own repeating breaths –
quiet paroxysms

of another needy thirst
in your enrapt imagination –
yearning to be first
again in the relation

you create to dream the world.
Something to distract –
keep the mind unfurled –
until another mirror’s cracked

to let in rude varieties of light –
whose bright collective mission renders
color into bits, with its audacious bite
of mixed perturbing genders

bending to attain a unity
outrageously embracing its division:
joining with impunity
to make its blunt revision.

Dreams, however non grata,
must pull another plum – zing
another zing: they gotta,
after all, do something.


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