Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Advice, Guru?

“Consciousness is staccato, not fluent. We perceive in tiny packets
of information. Our attention is easily perforated. But we need the
world to seem fluent and intact, otherwise it would be unbearable…”

Diane Ackerman, An Alchemy of Mind, p. 216


Familiar cliff: stay and twiddle
through the moss and weeds? –
or take a whiff, exhale and jump?
I'm a chump: my sentient mind

defeats me when (switch tropes)
I get into the ring – against the ropes –
unable to avoid the sting and
whomp of jabs and bludgeoning

of stimuli (try new conceit) for
which I have precisely as much
thirst as deserts have for rain
when they are driest; that’s to say

(in simile, surreally) I'm like
a hungry hummingbird who’s
just found tzimmes at a seder
whose sweet syrup he can sip –

makes nice with grandma –
plans to raid her pantry for the rest:
largesse and amplitude! –
what to sample, dude? Got my

invitation to the orgy! But I'm
already logy, stupid, ass-down
on the floor. Advice, guru?
(Change the metaphor.)


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