Monday, January 16, 2017

Including You

We needn't worry about aliens.
Nor ought we to resort
to sesquipedalian loquations

on equivocations we can spin
to prop up explanations
for the wisdom of relying on

the reflex to defend against
whom we regard as "those":
ergo by "nature" should oppose.

There's no plot to be exposed.
No malicious means or ends.
Aliens are literally made to be

our friends. We think we know
them not, but that’s a crock of rot.
Equivalently formed of gluons,

quarks and leptons, and the rest
of constitutive quantum stuff,
we and they systemically equate:

enough to state with certainty
that aliens are constitutionally
us. More than theoretically,

I know this to be true.
Think my tale absurdly tall,
but I can say as of today

(I’ve got my ways) I've met
them all. Including you.
You're one, too.


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