Sunday, January 1, 2017

Why You’ve Got that King Leaning on You

for Frank

Most human beings are guided by guardian
angels, but very few people are guided by kings.
Only kings can decide whom they’ll take on

their ride: those few who have always half-
consciously known that they know something
different from others:  those whose friends

and whose mothers and sisters and brothers
will probably think are peculiar. But they’ve not
attended the school of the spirit where you were.

It can be lonely to feel you’re suspended above
the reality others perceive as immutable truth.
It’s like you're alone in the sky and they’re

crammed in an old-fashioned telephone booth.
Those are whom guardian kings will look for:
who’ll look up at the sky to discover those few

who half-consciously knew that they knew
and who one day will fully accept that they do.
That’s why you’ve got that king leaning on you.


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