Monday, March 18, 2019

The Means and Ways of Fiends


The means and ways of fiends can daze: their ways and
means egregiously demean: they interlocutorily become
so interlocked with any-unsuspecting-one who undergoes
the grave misfortune of regarding fiends as ever capable
of offering an opportunity to intervene on the behalf
of anyone besides their sorry selves, there’s no
conceivable recourse to help them up to
a resource from where they shortly will
have found they
had been forced
to sink: the path
that fiends have lured them down to take, turns out
to be the last resort, the fatal brink, the final choice
they’ll ever have the chance to make:
inequitous, iniquitously feckless and
incorrigibly reckless, the foredoomed result of their
consulting with the fiends in whom they’d foolishly
believed – that they were capable of apprehending
ways, arrays, means and schemes and lazy dreams
to analyze the value of considering the value of a
value, and in the salutary effort of revealing just
what you had lost the nerve to macerate in the
equivalent of psychic salad dressing to take
further steps than you had once imagined
possible could infiltrate and irrigate the
three dimensions of the template you
were given in a glimpse of actually
factual reality, eons back when
the “oracular” had something
in it from which you might
possibly divine a voice
divinely capable of
outlining why
nothing was
That that
was this
and this was
that, and there
had not existed in this
universe’s history the possibility of
granting or receiving the remotest hint or whiff
or tint, velleity, prosaic, coarse, sublime, or fine, of a solution
to the horribly constricted and afflicted systems to which, by our nature,
we were doomed to know
we must incline.

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