Sunday, May 26, 2019

Conjunctive Unction

Subtle sinuous strange insurrection! –
effecting on the subway the selection
of innumerable reconfigurations
of new angles, textures and relations
of, between, among three sets of riders' feet
and knees and hands, so to entreat
the viewer to reflect on all the ad hoc arts,
this time to see how riders' body parts
conjoin from loin to toe, perform a play,
whose solo gestures merge in an array,
a silent chorus, of mutating form & function:
to imply a kind of ritual of spiritual unction
as their sacred mission. To assess it
means to alter and anoint and bless it -
even when, inebriated, someone cat-calls
"Yo! Stop scratchin, dude." That is, his balls.

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