Friday, December 12, 2008

Like Sweet Alyssum Flowering in Winter

On Listening to Bach’s F Minor Sonata for Violin and Keyboard

Please let me slip into this glisten – fully listen to, remember,
your fleet light endearments – feel your muscular
suspensions, tensions so regalingly resolve – dissolve
my odd misapprehensions in your cool exonerating balm,
your calm prospectus of the heart: let me take part

by giving you whatever muscle, tendon, bone, integument
I’ve got that you might care to use to build an instrument: oh,
play me like a violin – curl your florid vine around my spine
and bud arpeggios like winter-blooming Sweet Alyssum –
show me all the sure reticulated starbursts of your

splendid spiraling anachronistic flowers: help me make
a full transition from this hour to eternity: whisperingly
bright, awake – let me gently quake to the enduring rhythmic
shock of you, through all the rest of any point-of-view that
my poor wandering bewildered consciousness might take.


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