Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Soul’s Gadgetry

Its magic never goes away –
this gadgetry of soul – which works
incessantly all day – precisely
to assay perceptual intricacies:
measuring and weighing, holding up

in its sleek sweet mechanic pincers
every fractal whiff and wiggle
apprehended by the mind – to turn,
contrast, investigate: to find exactitudes
of core and edge and spine and aura –

all in order to discover just that angle
of a side or top or bottom of a stretch
of, say, the textural translucence
of a sigh or sleep-warm skin which
offers, optimally, every best view

it can get of what’s within and how
it plays with and relates to – alters
and engages – what’s outside.
Just now I took another little winter nap
and all my gadgetry went gently snap

and whizz and pop and calculated just
the right illuminating fizz to keep me
in the business of experiencing
my own strange existence. I thank it
for its pulsing fond persistence.


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