Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Cool Triumvirate of Calm

Though today it’s sporting three,
the number of its heads is arbitrary –
it may lack a head entirely tomorrow,
or next week be sprouting four or more;
and that it’s mixed, affixed the colors
it has mixed, affixed betwixt and to

its arms and necks and skulls and legs
and shoes and shorts and shirt and stool
it would be foolish to imagine was
symbolic of quite anything. It’s never
leaned toward meaning, but it has
an aptitude – a talent – for serenity.

In fact, the more I interact with its
evolving forms and hues, the more
I seem incapable of pessimistic views.
Today a cool triumvirate of calm obtains
among its thoughtful trinity of faces –
quite replaces any pain or quiver

of bewilderment that I may entertain.
A nexus and a flow, soft scintillation
of synaptic leaps and letting go – its
demonstration that life can build up
and fall apart – lends quite a sweet
emolument to the receptive heart.


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