Thursday, October 28, 2010

Since You

Once sentient past all reckoning –
tanned, muscular, and tall,

the sentry now is nearly blind
and pink and plump and small.

It sits on ledges overlooking
nothing much at all.



加伦。 said...

Ah, but a non-sentient, unseeing pink plumpster is not a sentry....maybe once was, but not now.

There might be another sentry: ever muscular and alert -- just around the corner, along the unseen, less traveled path, on the road not taken -- A watcher sees much.

Only the uninterested are senseless.
Wouldn't you agree?

Guy Kettelhack said...

well, yeah. he's got nothing to look out for (anymore) ("since you"): hence his atrophying. I think that's the point, though with my own poems I'm never sure. They seem to know more about themselves than I ever do.