Friday, March 11, 2011

Until One Day

It’s got it bad for you.
It’s at the ready
with a steady flow of what it knows

you want to hear –
what matters. It flatters
with dispassionate, arresting authenticity –

relates its observations, calmly,
of your finer traits. It plaits your virtues
in a verbal braid which it parades before you –

touch of shyness –
touch of sass.
Knocks you on your ass.

Strange subductions
of seduction! Involuted
geologic pushes, pulls which quake

and snake down through the center:
unrelenting! – twist and overlap
until you can’t resist.

It’s got the key to your locked door!
Until one day you blink and look around,
relieved, that it’s

no longer lurking,
looking for you

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