Monday, April 18, 2011

One Rare, Red, Rainy Night

Mycologically speaking,
there are what amount to brain storms –
in some very rare
Spring rain storms –

which produce the fruiting
bodies of a sentient fungus
for as
long as

an apparently essential
crimson sky –
the shocked, delighted eye –

permits the birth and cosseting
of this odd genus –

They’ll show their mottled
multi-colored smiling faces
full of well-bred
sensitivities and graces

which may offer us
the strange delight,
if we set out to roam,
one rare, red, rainy night,

of apprehending
their sweet form.
You might decide
to pluck them, warm,

to find out just how
sweet they are.
No need to dip them
in the honey jar:

just chop them
into little bits
(ignore their squeaky
screaming fits),

sauté, and eat,
when fully dead.
You’ll feel remarkably


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