Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Make Your Mark

Doodle: make your mark – drop spots and blots upon a page –
extend a friendly palpable calm invitation to engage
the forces through, around, above and under you
to raise the canopy, disclose the fullest panoply of what they do –

and suddenly you don’t feel stuck at all, you’re open as can be,
some lovely luck of inner daylight streams, enables you to see –
good heavens, like you’ve never seen before –
some unsuspected luminously optically open door

exacts capacities for light: burns off all pretense of disguise
until what you’d imagined was your mind becomes two eyes:
two ineluctable appurtenances drawn to brightness –
to the blunt exclusion of all other sense: a vivid tightness

of appeal and focus – tunnels of vision, you might say –
which makes you rather hope to find, in future, some new way
to beckon to – beyond your last defensive pose, reflexive fear –
a kindred new experience of manifesting Nose, or maybe Ear:

to hear and smell with similarly ardent and engulfing purpose –
to explore more sensual realities that lie beneath the surface –
thereby address the Universe with gratitude and deference –
while taking notes on everything, of course, for future reference.


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