Friday, February 3, 2012

Some Blue Clowns

Prevailing blueness –
not to signify a sorrow,
nor to sanctify the borrowed
sentimental notion

that all clowns are really sad:
rather more to celebrate
the advantageous adjunct
of becoming colorfully

recognizable: oh, there’s
the bright blue dude
we hoped we’d see
whose shrewd

prevailing blueness
undermines, distracts:
exacts attention which
diffuses and reminds us

we can’t grasp a single
certainty from color.
Unless, of course, we’ve
missed the dolor in him

of some hidden cold abyss:
to which blue hues indeed
may well accrue:
morbid maquillage

which might suggest
the crack of madness.
Some blue clowns do,
in fact, feel sadness.


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