Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Scrotal Sac, the Garlic Bulb

The scrotal sac, the garlic bulb,
the sacrum and the ilium and their
associated ligaments, the backward

forward pivot of the ankle, foot
and knee, all balled and budded,
nippled, fleshed, and ripened on a tree,

wrapped up in apple skin and lizard
hide, astride the breasts and muscles
of the bride, the roominess inside

the blooming  groom, the scything
of a sigh into an unconsidered breath,
the histologically complex kiss of death,

exhuming body truths of fishes, figs
and ferrets, marmosets, root vegetables,
monkeys, parrots, garnet, granite, freshly

incarnated newts, carnations, penises
and fruits and lava flows, and guavas,
roses, noses blowing in the bumbling

wind: no one’s sinned but everybody
who would dare to take a form
and stumble out into the storm.


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