Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Late November

For some reason these past two or three years especially have taught me to love every seasonal moment -- I can't say HOW they've taught me, maybe it's the product of a more conscious practice of paying attention to light & shadow & the rest which breeds a growing receptivity to seeing beauty in every gradation of the Earth's relation to the sun, I don't know. But - late November maybe still edges past the rest of the year's glory for me - ah, with the Brahms Fourth playing right now as soundtrack on wqxr, and the sharp cold dark day out there, and the regaling warmth inside of my 19th century apartment -- well, that's the ticket of course -- my spirit lodges in about 1887, I think -- anyway, this is the extended moment of the year -- ripening through darkening days to culminate in the Winter Solstice - when I feel most dimensionally alive. It's been this way for as long as I can remember, back into earliest childhood. This is the time of Soul for me. And these pics - outside & inside - are its emblems. How grand it is to be able to feel so much pleasure.


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