Sunday, May 14, 2017

Lose or Win

Yes. Dreamstuff lends
us a cloud to feel safe in,
even if it plays the game
of threatening us: feeling 'safe',

that is, to the degree the cloud
can allow us to fall for the ruse
that we 'know' what's going on
or what anything is. The game

is very tight: who can argue that
down is not down or up is not up?
But neither up nor down is anything
but an illusory synaptic current

(thought) which gives logical sense
(whatever seems inarguably
to link cause to effect) to sensation.
What's really fun is when we finally

deeply clue into our creations
of certainty and see them
for the ephemera they are
so that we can begin to use them

no holds barred in creations
of our own: art, conversation, sex,
omelets, photographs, life and death.
Then we get a taste of what

'God' means: unbounded creation.
Then we realize we are this godstuff
ourselves. Mortal flesh - our
illusory packaging, so tender

and beautiful and thrilling in its games
of pleasure and pain – reveals itself
as godstuff too – and prospects
of the possible become infinite.

Lose or win,
you win it.
Out or in,
you’re in it.


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Seyed said...

...Pithy, gossamer, and misty...Wonderful stuff!