Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Inside the Living

We live inside the living.
Everything’s alive:
the lair no less than lion, 
the bees no more than hive:
the you and I and everyone,
and what each sees and eats
and lives in, undertake as well 
to co-create another vital given –
a sense intent on being certainty 
that we’ll survive – wherein we
even may become, somehow 
in consequence, by breathing 
in its inorganic alchemy (no less 
alive than we), articulate: capable
of saying what we see! – capacity 
for which is borne to us in gusts 
of subtle dazzle – magic flecks 
suspended in the air, like those
that dust their gold on surfaces 
of old unfathomable Rome.
Everywhere we are 
amounts to sustenance 
and company and all
we’ll ever know of home.


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