Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Next Question on the Quiz

Is everybody doing what they want to?
No matter if they hate it? Is everybody’s life
a fish-line they each aim, after they bait it,
at the ideal of the single pair of living open
lips they know will crave it? – a hunt few
others anywhere would care to contemplate
much less pursue? Do I desire to join with
or to tear away the flesh that binds my
business inextricably to you? Stringent as
our delicacies are to have their way or perish,
still they manage somehow to requite us,
dismember inhibitions into requisitions that
delight us to remember, and will cherish.
Next question on the quiz: is truth hilarious?
Take out that chart you’ve just been graphing
on the topic, if you would. The one that arcs
in red up to the peak you’ve named “No Good.”
What hearts don’t die from laughing? Aren’t
you laughing, funny honey, now? Let me lick
that laugh as long as breathing will allow.
Whatever thing you are, I won’t be missing it.
Just try to stop my tongue from kissing it.

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