Friday, September 7, 2018

Wreakin’ Havoc in the Atelier

When the writer who reads is the reader who writes,
you can’t count the nights that they’ll huddle like thieves
who pretend that they’re heart-to-heart bro’s while pick-
pocketing tricks from each other’s tight mix of discoveries,
careful to choose what they set up as mildly “offkey” small
moments that maybe the other one hadn’t quite gotten quite
right; all the while planning – with spiteful delight – to slip in
the same ploy the plot of the book under scrutiny used
to hook boy up to boy up to horse up to lady of no small
renown in a town not unlike the one one of them just had
suggested was, not to put too fine a point on it, grievously
wrong. The lies were meticulous, and quite ridiculous:

after all, reader-who-wrote and writer-who-read shared
the same body and slept in one bed. But when writer-who-
reads is reader-who-writes is writer-and-reader-who-draws –
well, get ready to watch that wreak havoc with everyone’s laws.

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