Friday, August 30, 2019

The Crime of the Last Kettelhack

(reflections in the wake of a 50th high school reunion)
I’ve been leaking three certainties
and one speculation my
dwindling load
of sentient
years is
to drip
Attractiveness proceeds from feeling
you’re at home in your own skin.
When you're comfortable therein,
you forget to think about yourself:
you just are you. It turns
out that’s a very
big draw.
it's the connection
not the activity. If the connection
is there, the activity either takes care
of itself or never mattered to begin with.
The deepest wisdom consists not only
in easing up to the inevitable finding
that, like God, you're a solipsism, but
that you can learn
to bear the eternal
aloneness inherent in
knowing that you are.
Wisdom means
you're it, kid.
Maybe the pursuit of happiness,
and therefore happiness itself, which
seems more a product of dopamine than
of serotonin – that is, it thrives only in a state
of yearning – maybe happiness is
a chiasmic balancing act wherein supposed
opposites accord. Maybe that's what
we'll, you’ll, I'll be doing next.
Ever thinking that life
and time were
a lack
to the crime
of the last Kettelhack.

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