Monday, September 30, 2019

One Hollow Midnight, Soon

Existence only can begin
whatever moment I decide
to render it the magnanimity
of lending it my notice.
My decisions are what bring
me a proximity to ne plus ultra
truths which will libidinously
cuddle with the ruling culture
of my nature. If I blink and think
of it, it’s there. Having seen its
what- and whereness gives me
all the loosy goosy juice I need
to glide and dive down like a dove
or vulture on another loopy ride
to such appealing solipsistic
symbols of some sanctity as are
supposed in whispers to reside,
or to lurch, in a lotus or a church.
Peace, I hear, is what I ought to
seek and advertise. Not the bold,
cold, outsized full abandon that
I prize, and am determined
I will have the balls, one hollow
midnight very soon, to realize.
Still, dreams can
be stillbirths,
you won’t always
come out alive.

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