Monday, February 24, 2020

Hera and Zeus

(with thanks to Rick Shupper)
And as we all well know, it's only Hera's
touch that we can count upon to quash our terrors
when we think of all the awful careless errors
all too frequently committed in the name of Zeus
when, after far too much ambrosia, he'd be on the loose -
applying tasteless changes to the graceful spruce,
spreading as if virally to every other fir tree. The nugatory
waste of Zeus insensibly marauding into every category
of the living plants! -- particularly that of Morning Glory
which in Hera's hands inevitably realized the true divine,
especially in lavender or violet or purple-blue, the fine
revealing sensibilities of which are infinitely out of line
with Zeus's bad-boy tactical attack: to cast a ghastly spell
which could oppose the foolish acts of Hera, and dispel
all mortal hope: his Morning Glories looked like hell.
So how his rages must have burst
when he again discovered the accursed
finality of the reality that Hera got here first.

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