Thursday, May 28, 2020

Answering a Robot

From: Guy Kettelhack
Date: May 26, 2020 at 4:40:47 PM EDT
To: Guy Kettelhack
Subject: Answering a Robot

This is fascinating. I have a packed profile full of more information than most such things on this site with lots of pics available which give you all but chapter & verse of numerous aspects from sexual to emotional to what I do creatively in contrast to you offering absolutely nothing beyond an inscrutable martin1320 all of which bears the clawmarks of robotic spam in which your next observation will almost certainly run along the lines of you looking for a meaningful relationship full of respect and affection and the assumption that this robotic attempt at seduction will break through my defenses against it & warm my heart & otherwise dupe me into thinking that maybe through almost religious experience I will have found in you & you will have found against insuperable odds on me the mate we have long yearned for and now miraculously have been granted the invitation to embrace so that we can rush across the country into each others’ arms and lives and enjoy a long and loving association which will afford us all the fulfillment of happiness we never dared imagine could be ours but now by a strange wonderful lightning bolt of nearly divine love promises to become exactly that gorgeous union which is made possible only to the purest and least selfish and most loving souls who have been granted the blessing of being able to recognize true love when it is offered and respond to the gift not only with open arms but with an open heart and a wide-ranging curious mind bent on making the inward journey both into ourselves and into each other which because of the purity of our intentions and the assiduity with which we each separately have been successful in plumbing our own depths and our own most secret yearnings has readied us at last for a meeting of body and soul in concert with the steadfast determination to make our joined love a testament to the power and joy open to those, such as we find ourselves to be, who have already made a thoroughgoing investigation of our deepest wants and desires which we now finally can begin to entertain might be turned to advantage, not just our own individual advantage, but with a mission using our love as a basis of reaching out to our communities to foster in those something of the capacity you and I will have found together to widen the hearts of strangers, to invite them to undergo the same introspective honest self-appraisals that you and I will clearly have demonstrated to each other are not only possible and necessary but full of the seeds of love which very rapidly and through our example can teach others to encourage a new irrepressible rush of growth of the capacity for such love which is inherent in every human heart and which we, through discourse of this sort, will use to engage every new soul with whom we inevitably will add to our embrace. I feel I have only touched on what needs to be said but which by now surely has convinced both of us to carry on our shared mission to aid and abet any obfuscatory mind so that we might enter with them yet new realms of understanding. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone whom you think suitable for this mission.
I expect you to write me just as voluminously as I have just done and am indeed sure that the prospect of connecting verbally and intellectually and emotionally with stories and evidence of the growth of both spiritual and sexual and intellectual and existential and less articulable exigencies and velleities as well as those perhaps occasionally intransigent blocks to understanding and/or other resistances to those occasions of consciousness and of assessing them that have defeated finer and more patient minds even than what we can more than suppose are the prodigiously capacious phenomena of our own collective intellectual fortitudes and desires to breach gaps beyond which may lie in however distantly approachable incarnate form those prospects and promises of future endeavors requiring concentration of a new order of intensity while requiting our ferocious appetites for the experience of such requisite and as yet unknown ideals and ideational creations of such complexity and intricately esthetic appeal as we daren’t even begin to imagine we could with our untested capacities to apprehend what will surely at first seem to us to be such nth degree extremities of super subtle answers in forms of response currently far beyond our untried and indeed so far unsuspected means of apprehending their articulation beyond which however our eternallly ever-actualizing potential to grow as it were to a size albeit not literally measurable since it occurs in dimensions which our incarnate senses are helpless to detect but which through new ranges of apperception to which in fact we do have accesss we can at least as it were sidle up as if we hadn’t the least notion we were doing so to begin through an oblique angle exert a kind of consciousness of what we must now be reduced to calling ‘essence’ in our inevitably jejeune attempts to conceive of an ultimate generator of existence sometimes fallaciously thought of as divine but will as we persist in the obliquely approached vicissitudes of this unexampled manner of applying Consciousness to the strands and amplitudes of what we naively until now believed to be reality turns out to be a sort of exoskeleton of an apparatus of creation than which there is no better source of what might be called the butter of our dreams and our thoughts and our love which throughout all of our arcane exhibatorial explorations we shall find still luxuriantly on every surface of our material immateriality. This I think we must agree is the answer to the great question we will have had no inkling we were asking - that single maddening three letter word we will have until this moment of revelation not understood could ever be posited without appending to it the open-ended punctuational symbol of a question mark but which at this deep point of understanding we now know to be an unnecessary adornment to the entire autonomy of its perfection as the only directive we need ever consult, that until now peskily elusive invitation to infinity: the three letter word we know as why.

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