Sunday, April 18, 2021

Finding a Rhyme for Linda


Finding a Rhyme for Linda


My mind, last night, like a cat, came to paw

and to knead – interceding to show its affection

it hoped this time might make me draw

when I woke, overcoming whatever objection


that seemed to run through me in streams

faintly tainted with slightly unhappy confusion

which kept me from seeing the innermost beams

of the sun that would open to one sweet effusion


I’d longed to inspire me – wishing for Linda

to come to the fore and to open my door to the joy

that she couldn’t not bring. I felt a soft wind a

mercurial shifty small poltergeist blew to deploy


a strategic solution to finding a rhyme for her name.

He cheated (stuck wind-a to Linda) but lent me

a dream filled like clouds with soft faces – a frame

of some graces of human reflection – which sent me


to pick up my pencils and markers and faith

to apply to some paper: Linda’s wisdom runs quiet

and sweet through the thing, like a sly smiling wraith

of her humor. Of which you’d heard more than a rumor


from me in the panoply of all the souls she delights.

Whom do these faces depict? You got me, honey.

I asked around which got all my ghosts into fights.

One said he might tell me, if I had the money.


But money I lack. And Linda is far more

than funny, to this Kettelhack.

She is dimensions of Kind, Wise & Smart.

And I give her my heart. And I won’t take it back.

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