Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jump-Rope Rhyme for God-lets

The drill will never be as thrilling as the war --
you do not need rehearsal anymore --

the stage has long been set and there's no point
in staying off it now: you've cased the joint

entirely enough: time has run out --
the cues are calling you: abandon doubt

and take the boards and let your psyche rip
and publicly announce itself until you drip

with that sufficiency of sweat which indicates
a living being has occurred which predicates

response to, and engagement with, the whole
predicament and science of the soul --

to dilate inner eyes -- intensify the hex
of what it means to wrestle darkness into sex

and make the crazy creature you've become
into a symphony of parts less than the sum

of what you know now is the currency
and conjugation of the verb "to be."


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