Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Noonday Cry in Praise of These!

Today what will regale us is the fleet sweet
understanding that each moment of this magic
midday light is felt and seen in context of the freshness
of a humanly supplied and wholly welcome
coolness – air-conditioning exquisitely providing
ambience for this bright exhibition of Manhattan
leaf-ing madly in hot summer winds outside these

windows: let’s address the deftness of the insight
that not one thing isn’t natural: not least those
mollifying circumstances and manipulations
which evolving primate brains have ascertained
can harness rawness. What is visible except through
lenses?; beauties and abysses can’t to senses
have a meaning – can’t exist – without an intervening

apparatus to perceive and to convey them. Let’s
take pleasure in the way we play – and model
all this clay. Fabrics, lamps, computers, poems, frying
pans and DVDs: oh, raise a noonday cry in praise
of these! – all part of our essential tissue! What mixture,
article or mission – prodigious progeny of thinking
human flesh! – could possibly be “artificial?”


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