Saturday, November 20, 2010

Each Face

Each face flags me down
and drags me in to trap me in
a cul-de-sac: they each would
keep me there forever

if they could – so much about
what’s bad and good must be
explained! – but I feel drained
before they’re halfway through

and sneak and sidle backwards
when they sigh or blink or take
a leak or get another drink
or otherwise release me from

their captive and commanding
eyes: it takes a second
to pull off from their reflexive
unselective beckoning to reach

the reckoning that while I cannot
not fall into their beguiling
wiles, their bipolarities, their
dreams, their cries, their smiles –

I’ve got to get back home
and do what I must do to honor
and obey my law: inhale –
sit down – exhale – and draw.


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