Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Perfect Birth

The perfect birth occurs so rarely on the Earth
it never has been documented, but we’ve heard
that it involves a beautiful blue giantess who,

when it’s time, scoops up a small completely
formed red-purple iridescent creature from her
womb while standing in a jewel-bright Tropic sea.

The whole thing happens painlessly; the newborn
greets his mother happily – smiles sweetly at her
gleaming azure face and by the means of grace

and some arcane telepathy begins a dialogue
in which he teaches her what she has come to learn
by bringing him about: the perfect birth allows through

this engagement the swift banishment of doubt
and the full gentle rise of understanding that the only
virtue worth pursuing is to be, and that the greatest

pleasure is to do it consciously. What they do
from that point on we’ve not been told. One hopes
that they are happy; one supposes they grow old.


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