Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Five Amply Breasted Women and Their Orange Cat

Five amply breasted women
and their orange cat
sneaked silently into my living
room while I was napping:
sat and murmured to each
other in a language

I had never heard, which
woke me up: friendly, though:
a touch of Dutch, perhaps? –
a strain of Finnish, Flemish,
Rhenish? – clucks and umlauts –
softly spluttering like

plump contented ducks. Nice
to have this clutch of femininity:
splendid round and warm
and breathing flesh with
all its massed and curved
accoutrements: a kaffeeklatsch

of not uncomely bundles
of the female: estrogen imbued
the air and made my lair
a different sort of den:
a Dionysian scent: a yen
to swoon into another sleep:

ladling a labile ladies’ perfume
through the place: a soft-edged
ambience of lace and laps
of sweet maternal heft. I drifted
off into another nap.
When I woke, they’d left.


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