Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Halleluiah and the Groan

In the layered grayness, clabbered
shadows and penumbral cellar dust and air –
among unlabeled cardboard boxes –
a smudged and chubby little boy decides

that he must sit on one and wait. Perhaps
he hopes some great important secret there
will leak a clue – or is he playing hide-and-seek
with you? – or is he laying plans to change

the Universe? Does he fear some imminent
dark curse? What shocks him? Who or what
has found him out? What awful revelation
pocks and routs the darkness with its sudden

light? Why is he unable to believe the sight?
Is it delight? – or fright? Out of nothing
come the halleluiah and the groan.
So much is going on when you’re alone.


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