Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Philosophy of Calm

Faintly trembling through its apertures
and tiny tubes, through tumults of internal
fluid internecine strategies, all badgering

to get their ways to keep the balance
of collaboration warm enough to raise
another limb or placate an internal organ

whose reliance on the limbic system
lately has been challenged by an excess
of adrenaline, the wending sea of singularity

your body tries to be resembles something
like a category four storm threatening
an imminent tsunami: oh, for what through

some soft intricacy now arrives! A measured
circumspection: all the system’s frantic dives
are now subsiding – which revives the body’s

gentle pacts and flows. There is no thought
that your biology forgoes: every glimmer
in your consciousness is dressed in flesh.

You are an equanimity: your life depends
on it. You will calm down. It is the price
of your existence. You will calm down.


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