Thursday, February 20, 2014

When Adam and Eve Reminisce

When Adam and Eve reminisce
about bliss –
about when they knew grace –
and the place

they’d been told
they’d defaced it with sin --
they take off their clothes again,
attempting to recollect when

arrant nakedness
was all they wore –
not the bore
it had cooled to since then.

Though sometimes they’re not
quite as numb
as they’d been
since the fall: a flicker

enthralls -- comes to stir,
as it were,
the cold bowl of the soul
and the flesh.

But nothing feels fresh.
What had they done to beget
this? Reminisce about bliss
in the nude though they may,

it doesn’t help tell them
what God meant to say.
Now all He seems
is rude.


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