Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Complicated Business of Two Bodies After Sex

The complicated business of two bodies after sex –
especially the first time they conjoin – purloins

unspoken fraught admissions from each lover
of small miseries and cherished fleeting moments

where it really almost felt as good as each had
heard it could. Ah, but afterward -- the nakedness,

now partly covering itself, arms held tight across
the belly – posture, even kneeling on the floor, erect –

in hopes the other won’t suspect the sorry nature
of one’s sagging flesh: oh! – there are erections

past the phallic requisite: stiffening resolves to go on
thinking you might do this thing again. But then,

if one is lucky, one begins at last to locate
the surprise: a vast contagious tenderness in eyes.


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