Friday, August 14, 2015

Apparently to See Them is the Point

They come to let me see them –
apparently to see them is the point.
They don’t know why I try to write

a commentary on their presence:
their presence is, I think, to them, enough.
Because they don’t care if I understand,

they get to haul their whole and subtle grand
complexity into the light: whatever stuff I may
have catalyzed to bring to sight –

whatever ambiguity – whatever odd velleity –
whatever taunts me with a need to know –
whatever that is, they would just as soon

have blow out of the window.
And so their floating permutations go –
emitting now and then a squeak or coo.

And so whatever sense of Soul I’d like
to think is lumbering below continues
its veiled peek-a-boo.


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